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“They really feel like a part of our team now and I have come to trust and depend on them when we need custom solutions within the October CMS framework.”

Michael Holman

HD Create

Efficient, cost effective CMS Development

Based in Staszow, Poland we have been helping creative agencies, sole traders and site owners to successfully navigate October for over 5 years. Experts in PHP, Linux and all of the related code you would expect, we have the skill and experience needed to help you smoothly reach your project destinations. With 16 fully supported plugins currently featured in the October market place we also know exactly what it takes to design, code, test and deploy the perfect plugin you need to solve your client’s problem.

  • Specialists in October
  • Plugin modifications and customisations
  • Custom Plugin and App development
  • Backend and GUI development

“We have been working with inIT for several months now and consider them a key partner for our operations. They put careful thought into every task and consider our business needs to get the best result. They have a huge amount of experience with OctoberCMS meaning every task, small or large, is completed efficiently and correctly.”

Our Development Services

October is an elegant and powerful CMS. It allows you to build flexible custom features faster, which are also easier to maintain. As one the platform’s most experienced development partners we can help you make the very most of it’s capabilities, creating beautiful solutions that your clients will love.

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Straight forward problem solving at a cost effective rate

You pay for a block of hours, we do what it takes to solve your problem – simple!

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Impress clients with a plugin built exclusively for them

Sometimes the October marketplace just doesn’t quite have the solution you require. Let us know what’s needed and we will build it, exclusively for you.

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Website frameworks, pages and sections for your content and apps

If you need us to we can go further and code the entire site for you to your specification. We are familiar with all popular CSS frameworks and their associated dependencies.

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Front end usability with backend power, built to your specification

For larger projects we can work as an integral part of your development team, or lead the development side of things completely if you prefer. We can advise on the best solutions for incorporating custom built applications within October and modify the CMS dashboard accordingly, giving your clients an intuitive and easy way to do so much more with their website.

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inIT has been consistently providing a discreet and professional development service for October CMS users since 2015. We have successfully played major and minor development roles in over 100 October based projects supporting and partnering with clients around the world.

Why not make us a part of your next October development crew.

inIT.biz is a trading name of inIT.biz sp. z o.o., a company registered in Poland (REGON: 367829790, VAT: 8661738221)