What makes the October CMS a better choice?

October is a powerful, clean and award winning CMS. Developers appreciate its speed, structure, and power.

Like Laravel, only better

October is a CMS but you can think of it as a Laravel installation on steroids! It is a powerful PHP framework that makes the development process much faster and efficient.

Installing October is much simpler than Laravel for non-tech and technical users alike. There is a web wizard that guides you through the installation process for the non technical whilst technical users can easily install everything using composer.

Moving packages from Laravel to October is also very easy. You can also use them directly if you wish, as shown here: https://luketowers.ca/blog/how-to-use-laravel-packages-in-october-cms-plugins/)

The October Marketplace now boasts a fantastic assortment of high quality themes and plugins, quality controlled by the platform authors themselves. The Easily extended architecture allows plugins to be installed and then developed further to create powerful new combinations with enhanced functionality.

October’s greatest advantage over a conventional Laravel setup however is probably its support for extensions. Code that you wrote in 2016 for example will work perfectly in 2021 – nice :)

Another reassuring feature is the paid professional support with SLA, offered by the core maintainers of the platform (https://octobercms.com/premium-support). It’s nice to know that if you want to you can question the platform authors directly on just about anything you like.

October as a flexible PHP framework

You can use October as the base for a simple website at one end of the scale through to a powerful web application at the other. It's completely up to you how it’s core is used. You can write portions of the logic in October, in Laravel, in clean PHP, or even static, flat files using just HTML and CSS, without touching the databases at all. The choice is yours - (https://octobercms.com/support/article/ob-13).

For geeks/amateurs only?

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" quoting the great Albert Einstein. Web development is not something a 4 year old can really master but it’s definitely not rocket science either. This philosophy is what makes October superior within the world of the CMS.

WordPress and Wix fans want to give the impression that anyone can build a fantastic and well optimized site using just an application interface, cutting and pasting some content, and then making a few clicks, but this is not the case. The code produced by many page builder applications is basically crap and Google knows it! Thinking otherwise is 4 year old mentality. Unsemantic, often non compliant, usually bloated, and rarely well optimized. Something better is greatly needed.

On the other hand, there are many self appointed gurus in the web world trying to convince the non technical user that they will never understand the required intricacies of code and the world of geeks. This is wrong also and October is a wonderful example of a toolkit that can be intelligently used to create excellent solutions without having IT degree.

In summary

Ultimately it’s about finding the right compromise between your needs and the knowledge required to achieve your goal/s. October is a great choice for every type of user. It doesn't force the non technical out of their comfort zone whilst enabling them  to create powerful algorithms that give them many possibilities. Meanwhile, the door is always ajar for those who like to dive in and work with October’s framework and directories at a code based level as well.

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