October CMS has been paid platform for over a year. Is it worth it?

In March 2021, the October community was shocked by teaser #1, posted on October's official Twitter account. It turned out to be a revolutionary moment for the platform leading to a revised backend layout, rebuilt with Vue.js, the introduction of full Composer support for installing plugins manually as well as from the October Marketplace, the dropping of web installers and eventually the transition to paid platform. This decision affected the entire community, from end user businesses right through to partners and even the core development team (https://octobercms.com/blog/post/luke-towers-departing-october-cms-team).

More than a year on…

For over a year of living with October CMS V2 we are pleased to say that sticking with the platform proved to be a very good decision for us and our clients. According to October’s creator Samuel Georges, moving to a paid platform was a difficult step (https://twitter.com/daftspunk/status/1381753721198059524). The platform needed a sound finance model in order to function, upgrade and grow efficiently. The release of October CMS V2 effectively converted the platform, making it professionally managed software. This has created a solid, stable environment that continues to benefit all users moving forwards (https://octobercms.com/blog/post/october-cms-20-has-arrived) .

Improvements all round

Since V2’s launch we have seen a marked improvement in response times related to platform issues, a clear plan of future development emerging ( https://portal.octobercms.com), and a faster pace in the introduction of new features and versions. The platform is going from strength to strength and is now more than ever a dependable and powerful choice on which to develop a growing business.

So is it worth upgrading from October V1?

The answer is most definitely yes. Regular core updates, security patches, performance fixes, new features, and product quality in general are far superior to V1. From a purely developer perspective the greatest advantage has been the introduction of full Composer support. Projects built with October 2 are more robust and far more resistant to the known errors found in V1 installations. As a result plugin updates, installation automation, deployment procedures and dependency management within projects has become a faster, easier and infinitely more reliable process.

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